Elective Foreign Language Courses are open to all students of Bilkent University 4 hours per week and they are three -credit hours courses. Basic, intermediate and advanced levels are to be opened.

Basic level covers 3 terms and at this level, and basic language structure as well as the development of basic verbal and written communication skills are aimed to be taught. During the term covering the period mid and basic level, vocabulary and more complex grammatical structures are systematized to be taught as supported with listening and reading comprehension as well as their written and oral expression skills. Developing these skills students can use the language in any situation, they can go into any discussions and create thesis and antithesis in a way to justify their ideas . To this end, Common Language Criteria of European Commission (CEFR) is taken as basis.

In advanced level students, using that language comprehensively, are aimed to speak language fluently in any fields they are interested in such as economics, politics, social life, fine arts etc. Students can make sure to express themselves implementing a vast vocabulary and structure in the language they have chosen.

The terms of any foreign language courses and the information whether they are mandatory or not can be learned from relevant departments as they change from one course to another.

Demands from the departments for master degree graduate students are evaluated as per  the number of students so that some special-purpose foreign language courses can be opened.

The terms of elective foreign language courses for Tourism and Hotel Management and Hospitality and Tourism Vocational High School are 1 year (2 semesters). They are mandatory and preconditioning.